On this page you can find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the project. If you have additional questions after reading the website accurately, you can contact us at emleaders@city.ac.uk

When writing us, please provide the registration number which has been given to you after submitting your application.
General questions about the project:

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Questions about the on-line application

What Erasmus Mundus LEADERS scholarship covers?

EM LEADERS scholarship covers monthly subsistence allowances in the amount of Undergraduate/Masters - 1000 EUR, PhD - 1500 EUR, Post-Doc - 1800 EUR, Staff - 2500 EUR, insurance coverage for the period of the mobility, travel costs (return flight in economy class) as well as tution fee (participation costs) at the host university. To find out more click here.

Will Erasmus Mundus LEADERS scholarship covers also dependants that will join me during my study/staff exchange?

EM LEADERS scholarship is designed to cover only the scholarship holder. It means that if you want to bring any dependants with you, we will not be able to support you financially (on top of the given amount of the scholarship) or even with visa related paper work in relation to your dependants. Please be aware of this before accepting the scholarship offer.

Can I use the EMA 2 scholarship to study at any university of my choice?

You can choose to apply only among the EM LEADERS partner universities. Mobility among only Asian or only European institutions is not eligible. Mobility is eligible only between Asia to EU and EU to Asia.

Where can I find out more about the universities that are involved in LEADERS project?

You can find a list of 20 Partner Universities including 13 South and Southeast Asian Universities and 7 European Universities here.

Which types of individual mobility flows are targeted?

The EMA 2 program allows for 5 types of individual mobility: Undergraduates, Masters, Doctorates, Post-Doctorate, Staff. These types of mobility are targeted depending on the specific geographical window concerned. more info

How staff is defined?

Staff comprises teaching staff or researchers, but also university administrators involved in cooperation activities employed full time at the universities participating in the EM LEADERS.

Can I apply for an Erasmus Mundus Action 2 scholarship if I have already obtained a scholarship?

You cannot benefit from a second scholarship for the same type of mobility under another project under the EMA2-STRAND1. You cannot benefit from more than one scholarship within LEADERS project. However, you can apply if you have received scholarships from other programs. For exchange mobility special conditions may apply as established by Home University's regulations. In case of doubts please feel free to contact us at emleaders@city.ac.uk

What kind of academic recognition is given at the end of the mobility period?

At the end of a mobility period covering only part of a curriculum – lasting from one semester to one academic year or more -, the student must be provided by the host institution with a transcript of records specifying the marks obtained for each of the courses attended, with reference to the previously subscribed Learning Agreement. This transcript can be used by the home institution for recognising the study period abroad as part of the general curriculum required for obtaining the final degree. Please make sure to agree chosen courses at host university with your home university before leaving for exchange.

What languages do I need to speak to apply for this project?

Every partner university has its own language and admission criteria. You can find more information about the criteria for each partner university and their study programmes under the host university's requirements.

I will only graduate next year and receive my Undegraduate/Master/Specialist/Diploma degree. Can I still participate and how should I state this in my application?

Yes. You can still participate. In this case, you will have to upload latest transcript with all your grades that indicates that you are currently in your final year of studies. During the selection process you would then be considered on the basis of your transcript and would only be selected on the condition that you can provide your degree before starting mobility. Any failure to prove the necessary and announced degree before the start of the mobility period would result in the loss of the scholarship.

I will get the results of my IELTS test after the deadline, can I hand it in later?

 After the deadline, no changes to your file are possible anymore in order to treat all the applications equally. That also means no documents sent additionally by post or email can be taken into account. Only the documents uploaded on the application system will be taken into consideration during the selection process. The only exception would be language certificate. In case of beining succesfull during the selection process you would only would be selected on the condition of provideing required language certificate before the start of your envisaged mobility. Any failure to prove the necessary language certificate before start of the mobility period would result in the loss of the scholarship.

How many host universities may I choose in my application?

You may choose two potential host universities. Please make sure  that you fulfill admission criteria for both host universities and provide the required documents for both host universities, like for example learning agreements for both host universities or motivation letters.

Please notice that applicants who have not chosen second choice institution are going to be assesed by other institution with the similar research offer, so two independent academics could evaluate the academic background. 

What courses can I take abroad?

We invite you to visit the Partners page and to carefully check the websites of the universities you are interested in.

Can I send my application documents in another language than English?

Communication and all the official documents including diplomas/transcripts of records/certificates etc., should be in English or should have their official English translation attached. This does not reffer to passports.

What should I do if I don't yet hold the required academic certificates?

It may be possible that at the moment of applying you don't yet have the required certification (e.g. the Undergraduate diploma if you are applying for a Master mobility). In these cases you should upload your latest transcript of records updated with the most recent exams you have taken, as well as a self-certification that you will hold the required documents at the time of starting the mobility. Please note that false declarations will automatically cause you drop out from the scheme. The full required certificates will be requested for registering at the host university.

Who selects students and academic staff for mobility flows?

The EM LEADERS Partnership is responsible for the organization, selection and the implementation of the individuals' mobility. more info

How will I know if I get accepted or not?

Once you will submit the completed application form, you will receive an email with further details on the timing of results annoucement. At the end of the selection process, the Partership will inform you of the outcome by email. If you have been selected, you will need to confirm your acceptance of the scholarship.

When is the individual mobility flow to start?

For the third call for applications it is mandatory for all individual mobility flows covered by the specific agreement to start during the academic year 2017/2018, by the 31st December 2017 at the latest. It does not reffer to staff members. Staff members are allowed to start their mobility at any time within the project eligibility (end date is 17th August 2018).

Do I need to make an initial registration to the host university?

No. If you get nominated, you will receive information from the host university on how to proceed with the course/programme application.

How can I get a visa?

Once you have received an official confirmation that you have been accepted for participation in the mobility scheme, you will have to apply for a visa in your home country by contacting the embassy of your host country. You should take into account that obtaining a visa can take some time. The International Relations Office at your host university is a useful contact to turn to in case you need advice on how to proceed. EM LEADERS Coordinating Insitution will provide you with an Confirmation of Status, which might be usefull for visa application.

What kind of services can I expect to be offered by my host institution as an incoming student or staff member?

According to the rules of the programme, the host institutions are required to provide practical information and assistance to help students/staff settle in and get acquainted with the host university. Services provided may include, for example linguistic support in the form of language courses, information on housing facilities, activities encouraging social integration, and services for students with a family or special needs. Find further information about each university on the respective website.

Who pays the allocated amounts to students and academic staff and how?

EU institution is responsible for paying the subsistence allowances to the incoming and outgoing students and staff members. Each EU institution is free to establish their own payment modalities provided they respect the full amount to be paid out and that the payments are performed on a regular basis, preferable on a monthly basis and for periods not longer than three months. Payments will be transferred to your European bank account. For short term mobility (staff members) payments can be made in cash. Travel arrangements and insurance will be provided by coordinating institution - City, University of London.

What is a Learning Agreement and how do I get it?

A Learning Agreement is a study plan that details what subjects/courses you intend to cover during your mobility period and thus provides information on what you want to achieve during your stay abroad. It has to be agreed upon with the relevant person in charge at your home university and by an equivalent authority in the host institution who thereby guarantees that the incoming student can studt the planned course units/modules.
The Learning Agreement and the transcript of records guarantee the transfer of credit for courses passed successfully by the exchange student. The home university carries out the recognition after the student returns to his/her home institution.
When completing the LA please notice that there is a minimum of 20 ECTS per semester.

What is the Activity Plan?

It is a document outlining the research/teaching/training activities that Doctorate, Post Doctorate and Staff beneficiaries intend to carry out at the host university and thus provide information on what you want to achieve during your stay abroad. It has to be agreed upon with the relevant person at your home university and by an equivalent authority in the host university.

Do I have to fill in all questions at once when fullfiling the on-line application?

No. As long as the call is open and you have not submitted your application, you can save your data and come back to work on it later.

Do I have to answer all questions in the application questionnaire?

No. Only questions marked by an asterisk have to be filled in. Should one of these compulsory questions not apply to your application, please write n.a.

Can I upload a ZIP-file?

No. You are allowed to upload files in PDF format.  If your documents are not PDFs you can convert them online for free: http://www.freepdfconvert.com/

My learning agreement/language certificate/degree/... consists of more than one file, how can I upload it?

If your document is saved in more than one file, you should copy the documents into one file. For example merge two PDF files, if you have the correct software.

Can I edit my application?

Before submitting the application you may delete your uploaded documents and edit your application until the application deadline. Remember to submit your application before the call for appliactions deadline: onlysubmitted  applications can be considered in the selection process.

Can I send scanned documents only or do I also have to send them by regular mail?

You should only upload scanned documents. No paper copies or email messages will be accepted in the application phase. Please make sure that the scan documents are clear and readable in all their parts (try it out by printing them). Illegible documents may cause you to be considered ineligible. After you have been selected, original documents may be required by your host university.

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